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My name is Johannes Richter and together we’re going all in. I’m a DJ, tinkerer, electronics engineer and a proven car freak. After 15 years in the automotive industry, this now means:
I raided all the piggy banks to make my dream, my vision, a reality. Together we continue to write automotive history.

The emotions of back then without the emissions of today. Things that a classic car hasn’t been up to now: reliable, suitable for everyday use, environmentally friendly. I’ll change that with your support.

You can become a Flashbacker now by supporting Flashback Garage from the very beginning and securing an entry on every nameplate of future builds.

How does it all work? So that your and my chips really turns into electricity and not into crumps, I consciously forego Indiegogo or Kickstarter. You can simply support the coolest restomod company like this: BUY MERCH! I had mega nice shirts and hoodies produced, like in the flashback-earlier times quality, everything was better made back then. You can use sticker bombs to make your world more colorful and better with one of my sticker sets. But you can also squander your great-uncle’s inheritance really hard and secure a share in the future of Flashback Garage. It starts with just €1 as a token and goes as far as you want.

Flashback Garage energizes classic cars and brings the past into the future. Flashback One will become the first retrofitted Ubertimer and with your support it will become a reality.

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What do you have of it?


Sustainably produced high-quality shirts and hoodies with cool designs


Sustainably produced high-quality bags with cool designs

Sticker sets

Of course, there are also sustainably produced sticker sets

A piece of the cake

Secure a silent partnership in the company and benefit from the profits


What does Flashback Garage do?

The offer is divided into three parts:
1. Sales of converted project vehicles (vintage cars/youngtimers with electric drive)
2. Conversion of customer vehicles to electric drives
3. Exchange, repair and upgrade of existing battery systems (e.g. hybrid vehicle, electric car or electric boat)

More range for your boat

Electric boats used to be equipped with AGM batteries. We change these to powerful batteries of the latest generation and cell chemistry.