We have made it our mission to make the beauty of classic vehicles accessible not only to collectors, but to all classic car lovers by reviving them with electric drive. We don’t just breathe new life into the vehicles, we make them better than ever. An electric drive is significantly less vulnerable, requires much less attention and has more power than the original combustion engine.

We would also like to repair aging battery systems or replace them with newer ones in order to extend the life span of the vehicles or boats. The old batteries are then properly recycled and become new batteries again. This cycle has never existed like this before.

Up to now, an engine replacement has usually exceeded the value of the vehicle and the cars were sent for scrapping. Our vision is to significantly extend the life cycles of vehicles and thus generate less waste and recycle everything else. The more electric vehicles there are in daily traffic, the more you have to get to grips with the technology and be able to offer smaller repairs. This is where ‘Battery Box’ comes into play. This is planned as a shop-in-shop system for smaller workshops and workshop chains to repair batteries and electric drives. We bring the know-how with us and explain via video what should be exchanged and how it is done.


The world we want to live in is a world without noise. A world with clean air and a high quality of life. A world with all the amenities we know and are still getting to know, with all the fun we could have and a little bit of craziness too. We are shaping the world of tomorrow in which we also want to live.


Natürlich steht der Spaß im Vordergrund, aber das gute Gewissen fährt mit!

Johannes Richter