Flashback ONE

This classy burgundy-red Triumph Spitfire is getting a very special upgrade. The interim steps can also be followed on the relevant social media channels. The first summary can be found on the YouTube channel.

Battery: 27.5 kWh, divided into 2 packages, 5 blocks of 24 cells each at the front above the engine and 7 blocks of 24 cells each at the rear above the axle.

Drive:  33 kW/130 nM, sits where the gearbox used to be and drives the rear wheels via the original drive shaft.

Charger: 7.4 kW AC and 40 kW DC, via the CCS charging port behind the rear license plate, the Triumph can be charged using Type 2 on the AC charger, as well as on the DC charger for longer trips with up to 50 kW peak and 40 kW continuous output (up to 80%)

Range: >200km, thanks to the very low weight and the efficient drive train more than 200 km are easily possible

Maximum speed: 150 km/h (closed off)

Brake system: independent switching between recuperation and braking, brake force boosted, individually wheel controlled and with ABS and ESP

Light: Bi-LED headlights with daytime running lights and LED taillights in a classic design

Sales price: €60,000,-